At Finland, we gather on Wednesday evenings for Fusion Nights: a time of worship, bible study and fellowship. As with any type of fusion, we believe that the power of God's Kingdom is most powerfully expressed when properly fused in all of our lives from every generation. The purpose of Fusion Nights is generational discipleship which means we focus on making disciples (fusing our lives with following Jesus) and strengthening relationships across the generations (fusing our lives together across the generations). 

This is accomplished in two ways on Wednesday nights throughout the month.

  1. On the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, we gather together from 6:45pm for a time of corporate worship and a sermon recap. After this time we stay together as a whole group for intergenerational service or fellowship until 8:15pm. In this way we serve God and share common experiences while strengthening our relationships across generations.

  2. On the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, groups gather into age specific ministries: Boys and Girls Club, Jr High, Sr High and our Dig Deeper Groups from 6:45 - 8:15pm. This allows us to grow as disciples by studying scripture and applying it to our lives.

These nights are for all ages and seasons of life. We hope you will join us.

Below is a list of each group that meets with specific details.

Please select a group below:

Child protection is important to us at Finland. Click here to see a copy of our Child Protection Policy.