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Simple, feel good stories for children…

Let’s back that tape up and insert some correct information.


Parables are anything but fluff and are certainly not intended to "tickle our ears" or confirm our preconceived notions.

Quite the opposite.

When we encounter a parable in Scripture, we should leave looking different than when we came.

Through the vivid imagery of story, we are being called to conform more and more to the image of Christ.


Join us as we scratch below the surface of the parables of Jesus found in the book of Luke.

Are you ready to be transformed?



Sermon Links Below

July 5 Blind Leading Blind Luke 6: 37-49
July 12 Having Debt Erased Luke 7: 36-50
July 19 Having What it Takes Luke 9: 51-62
July 26 Knocking at Midnight Luke 11: 5-13
August 2 What God Calls a Fool Luke 12: 13-34
August 9 Proportional Expectations Luke 12: 35-48
August 16 How to Truly Better Yourself Luke 13: 1-9
August 23 Where Loyalties Really Lie Luke 16: 1-13
August 30 Seeing What You Wanna Believe Luke 16: 14-31 
September 6 Will These Stories Transform? Luke 20: 9-19 



To transform or not to transform... THAT is the question.

Sometimes, after that "final push," the result is still up in the air and you need... OVERTIME.

 10 parables. 10 calls to transform. Hopefully you have heard the call and stepped into Spirit empowered change.

If not, now is the time, as our series enters "overtime."

3 MORE parables. 3 more chances.

Don't let overtime be "sudden death" for you.


September 13 What's Your Motivation? Luke 7: 18-35
September 20 Willingly Inconvenienced Luke 10:25-37
September 27 Join the Celebration Luke 15:1-32

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