Jesus Alone - Sermon Series

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Join us as we study the book of John focusing specifically on how Jesus alone is greater than all and the true fulfillment of all.

If your faith is centered on anything else... it's off-center! 

 September 12  

 Pastor Kris Wint

 God in the Flesh  John 1:1-18
 September 19   Pastor Kris Wint  Come and See  John 1:35-46
 September 26  Pastor Gerry Clemmer   The Ladder that Matters  John 1:47-51
 October 3  Pastor Kris Wint  The Lasting Stain Remover  John 2:1-12 
 October 10  Brandon Landis  The True Thirst Quencher  John 4:1-15
 October 17  Pastor Kris Wint  The Ultimate Name-Drop  John 8:31-59
 October 24  Pastor Kris Wint  The #1 Influencer to Follow    John 21:15-25